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Amanda Blackwell, your piano tuner ready to serve your piano needs

Amanda Blackwell

My first piano was an out-of-tune, chipped, upright Ivers & Pond built in  1883. I played that thing into the ground. My second piano was a 1931  Sohmer & Co. baby grand, which I still play to this day. 

Since I can remember,  I’ve had a passion for pianos, and an ardent interest in finding the best  possible sound. As a musician myself, I find it deeply rewarding to bring

out-of-tune pianos back to life with the proper tuning and care. I graduated  as a certified piano technician from the North Bennet Street School in  Boston, and moved to Northampton to continue my work. 

I love the  Pioneer Valley, and I’m so happy to be working here! 

My mission is to help you find the best sound for your piano, recommend  and evaluate new instruments, and find solutions for the out-of-the-box  issues that some pianos can have. Each and every piano is unique, and I pride  myself on catering to each instrument’s individual needs, from loose tuning  pins to sticky keys. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I also became skilled in

piano sanitation, and work hard to keep my clients and myself safe, while still  providing my best service. 

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