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I offer piano tuning, pitch corrections, maintenance, repair, evaluations, and recommendations.

Travel to all clients is included in services price. 

What are the customers saying?

Music has returned to our home, thanks in large part to Amanda Blackwell, who skillfully resurrected the sound of our 1933 Baldwin baby grand, which hadn’t been tuned in ages (thus not played for ages). Her knowledge of her craft and reverence for this no-longer-a-baby-of-an-instrument was a joy to witness, and her kind nature was an appreciated part of the experience. We thank Amanda every time we sit down at the keyboard, and can’t recommend her and her work highly enough. (As an important aside, we also appreciated knowing that Amanda was well-trained in protocols for home visits during Covid.)

Suzanne Strempek Shea and Tommy Shea

Bondsville, Massachusetts

Service Prices

Prices vary upon location and piano condition

Prices begin at



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